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The Niles McKinley Red Dragons football program basically established the standard in which football greatness is compared in the state Ohio. The strong and prideful tradition resonates in the community hungry to revisit those glory days with a new champion they can call their own.

Built on tradition, rich with coaching icons, that included dynamic players, and team unity reigned supreme. The past successes leave a passionate fan base excited for the up-coming 2018 football season. This year fans of the Niles McKinley Red Dragons will have their own opportunity to go in-depth with the current team.

New head coach Jim Parry will share his time along with weekly featured players to feel the pulse of the program eager for success.

Join host Bo Marchionte and special guest Jim Parry for the Coach Parry Podcast every Tuesday at 5pm available on both itunes and

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8-14-18 Coach Parry Podcast